RESULT CONDITION WILL/WON'T+BASE VERB She will pass the exam PRESENT SIMPLE she studies hard We use the first conditional when there is a real possibility that this condition will happen in the future. Exercise write the verbs in brackets. Use the first conditional. Jubo (stay at home if it Train} this afternoon. 2- If my brother (go) abroad, (be) very worried. 3- You (not earn) enaugh money if you W (not work) more hours. 4- Melissa (can) to go out later if she (not finish) her homework fap) to the supermarket later, 1 Ibuy) some tomatoes. (get) wet if he (not take) an umbrella. (find) the book you lent me, I (give) it back to you. 8-They (be) angry if we (not visit) thein next Saturday. We promised to go. {happen) if you (not go to work tomorrow? 10-Many workers (lose) their jobs if that factory (close) down. 11.1 (not buy) a bigger house iki (get) promoted at work. 12-11 ha (not finish) the vegetables, he (not have) a dessert. 13-My uncle (can) to go to the opera if he (not remember) to get the tick 14. If you Inot put) sugar in your coffee, it (not taste) nice. 25-Sandra, if you (not hurry up), you (be) late for the meeting. 15-Cristopher (be) so happy if he (find) the money he lost. 17-Your motorbike Anot break down) if the mechanic (check) it (not disappe (not take) an aspirin, your headache 18-1f you yyyy​